Aerospace Shipping Solutions


Custom Packaging and Crating for the Aerospace Industry

Craters & Freighters of Raleigh, Durham and Greensboro, offers the commercial aerospace industry an array of crating and packaging solutions. We have years of experience under our belt and have perfected the art of managing these valuable, challenging assets.

Our team only uses the highest quality materials to design the best custom packaging for protection throughout the turbulent shipping stream. We ensure each crate we design fits each unique item precisely, using spec-driven software and a specific skill set.

At Craters & Freighters, we go beyond industry standards which is why aerospace manufacturers and service contractors rely on us for all of their tailored packaging and shipping needs. No matter how sensitive, oversized, or fragile an item is, we know what it takes to handle it successfully.

We ship worldwide, using our national and global network to keep your aerospace assets within our reach no matter where they are. You can trust your items with our Raleigh custom crating company. Our specialists and logistics experts are ready to help you with all your shipping needs.

If you’re looking for tailored crating for your aerospace equipment, give us a call today.

Services Designed Around Your Needs

Being industry leaders means we never sacrifice our integrity or turn to a one-size-fits-all approach to support your unique needs and goals. We design specific wooden crates and corrugated containers to protect your aerospace equipment, keeping in mind size, shape, mode of transport, fragility, final destination, and your specific requirements.

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Our team partners with various organizations and businesses, including the military, government, commercial, industrial, and aviation companies. We know these organizations are relied upon for the timely and safe delivery of their merchandise, and we make sure those goals are met.

We have several services to pull from to create the smartest, most responsible plans possible for our customers. If you have requirements we need to work with, we are happy to help with special accommodations; call our Raleigh aerospace shipping team to discuss your custom crating and shipping needs.

Some of our custom crating solutions include:

  • Custom packaging and container creation for manufactured parts
  • Custom crating for large, heavy, and valuable assets
  • The secure handling, crating, and packaging of refurbished aerospace equipment
  • A team of professionals that understands how to keep your valuables protected and secure through transit

Our packaging experts will give you and your items respect and the necessary attention to ensure their safety and your peace of mind.

Custom Packaging, Crating & Shipping Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Craters & Freighters of Raleigh, Durham and Greensboro is ready to offer you high-quality materials and solutions to meet any of your packaging objectives. Having helped several industrial and aerospace companies in the area, our expertise in securing and safely shipping these large assets speaks for itself.

We treat each of these items with thoughtful consideration, determining a cost-effective, safe, and reliable solution every time. Working with a trusted shipping company is key to the success of any valuable, large-scale shipping project, and our professionals are devoted to you and your needs from start to finish.

You can count on us to get your aerospace items wherever they need to go on time. Our support means you get customer service, logistics solutions, and customized designs that go the extra mile.

Aerospace Crating and Packaging Solutions

Craters & Freighters specializes in aerospace packaging design and crate engineering. We’re a team of professionals that meticulously cater to the most challenging projects, tailoring to your specifications. We use custom cushioning, bracing, and supports that you can trust will protect your assets. Our crating and packaging teams provide several comprehensive packaging methods that are globally trusted. 

MIL-Spec Crates

Our team is proud to work with our military and government organizations. We know trust is vital to these relationships and never take that for granted. Whether you’re a federal, state, or local agency, we’ll provide our services to you and every branch of the military. Our MIL-spec crating experts are skilled and dependable. We won’t let you down.

ISPM 15 Export Crates

Our crating team knows what it takes to get your international shipment into any country. We use only heat-treated, ISPM-15 certified crates for your assets, ensuring an easy, streamlined, and safe delivery and entrance.

On-Site Crating

Aerospace and industrial machinery are usually heavy and oversized, making it difficult to get to our location safely for crating. That’s okay; we’ll come to you. We have the equipment and materials needed to design and build the perfect crate for your item on-site at your business. Your custom crates and skids will be built with the same level of accuracy and integrity as they would at our location.   If you need a tailored crate built at our facility and dropped at yours, we do that, too. Contact us, provide the specs and details for your item’s packaging needs, and we’ll deliver it directly to your loading dock. Contact us to learn more about this option.

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